Saturday, June 13, 2015

Albania vs France

The French should win here, although Albania's supporters often intimidate the visiting side, due to their atmosphere. France showed great character to come back turn a possible thrashing from neighbours Belgium, into a 3-4 defeat. Albania are a far weaker side than Belgium, so I can say the away side banging a few goals in, and whilst France have shown they are prone to letting in goals, I doubt Albania have the fire-power up front to cause the French any real issues.
France had a poor performance and result to Belgium last match, they went behind quickly and their goals in a 3-4 defeat all came at the end as conciliation goals in truth. However france now need a good performance and I do expect this to mean Deachamps makes chances giving some of the substitutes who produced a respectable finishing score to the Belgium match a start and see a good win Vs far weaker opponents in Albania.

date: 13-6-2015 17:00
Pick: 2 @ 1.52
category: EURO Qualifier

Fixtures - All matches

Match league date
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W7 - 0 vs Hong Kong (A) Friendlies 14/10/2014
W2 - 1 vs Croatia (H) Friendlies 12/11/2014
L0 - 1 vs Portugal (A) Friendlies 18/11/2014
W2 - 0 vs El Salvador (A) Friendlies 28/03/2015
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vs Paraguay (H) Copa America 13/06/2015
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Fixtures - Head to Head

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W Argentina 3 - 1 L Paraguay World Cup 08/09/2012
L Paraguay 2 - 5 W Argentina World Cup 11/09/2013


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