Friday, June 12, 2015

Ekeroe IK vs Vaermdoe IF

Ekero - Varmdo IF. I think it is quite clear that these two teams probably at the end of the season will fight for survival in the league, if they continue to play this bad. Ekero is team who has really very bad defense, but despite that, they are won in the last three matches in the league (2-1, 2-1, 2-1).

Varmdo IF is in a series of three defeats in a row, however, this team is in last game these two teams, two years ago beat Ekero 2-1. We'll see if maybe this game will be similar. I hope it will and that we will again see at least three goals.

Date: 12-6-2015 18:00
Pick: Over 2.5 @ 1.45
Category: Sweden - Other

Fixtures - All matches

Ekeroe IK
Match league date
L0 - 2 vs AFK Linkoeping (A) Other 10/05/2015
L1 - 3 vs IFK Stockholm (H) Other 13/05/2015
W2 - 1 vs Assyriska IF Norrkoeping (A) Other 17/05/2015
L0 - 2 vs IK Sleipner (H) Other 24/05/2015
L2 - 3 vs Vimmerby IF (A) Other 30/05/2015
W2 - 1 vs Konyaspor KIF (H) Other 03/06/2015
L0 - 3 vs FC Linkoeping City (A) Other 07/06/2015
vs Vaermdoe IF (H) Other 12/06/2015
vs FC Gute (A) Other 21/06/2015
vs IF Sylvia (H) Other 27/06/2015
Vaermdoe IF
Match league date
D2 - 2 vs Konyaspor KIF (A) Other 10/05/2015
L1 - 2 vs FC Linkoeping City (H) Other 14/05/2015
L1 - 3 vs Eskilstuna City (H) Other 17/05/2015
D1 - 1 vs FC Gute (A) Other 24/05/2015
L0 - 3 vs IFK Aspudden-Tellus (H) Other 29/05/2015
L0 - 1 vs IF Sylvia (A) Other 03/06/2015
L0 - 1 vs Oerebro Syrianska IF (H) Other 07/06/2015
vs Ekeroe IK (A) Other 12/06/2015
vs AFK Linkoeping (H) Other 17/06/2015
vs Assyriska IF Norrkoeping (A) Other 27/06/2015

Fixtures - Head to Head

Home score Away league date
L Ekeroe IK 0 - 2 W Vaermdoe IF Other 09/05/2013
W Vaermdoe IF 2 - 1 L Ekeroe IK Other 14/09/2013



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