Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Gaellivare Malmbergets FF vs Anundsjoe IF

Anundsjo has to take this chance to make it two wins in a row after they deservedly beat Selanger 3-2 a couple of days ago. They will be travelling to face Gaellivare Malmbergets this time and this game's home team are a newly promoted side that are finding it pretty hard to keep up with the higher level of football they are facing here.
While the sides may be just 3 points away from each other in the league table, this is pretty misleading about the real quality of them. Anundsjo has recorded some pretty good results until now and have picked up points even against the top sides in the league and they have not lost any game by more than a one goal difference. Gaellivare Malmberget, on the other hand, have not only lost 3 more games than Anundsjo, but 5 of those games have been handicap defeats.

Date: 16-6-2015 18:00
Pick: 1 @ 1.58
Category: sweden - others

Fixtures - All matches

Gaellivare Malmbergets FF
Match league date
L2 - 3 vs Aange IF (H) Other 14/05/2015
W2 - 1 vs Selaanger FK (A) Other 17/05/2015
W2 - 0 vs IFK Oestersund (H) Other 23/05/2015
L0 - 5 vs Hudiksvalls FF (A) Other 30/05/2015
L2 - 4 vs Bodens BK (H) Other 03/06/2015
L0 - 1 vs Haernoesands FF (A) Other 06/06/2015
L1 - 3 vs Skellefteaa (A) Other 13/06/2015
vs Anundsjoe IF (H) Other 17/06/2015
vs Bergnaesets AIK (A) Other 27/06/2015
vs Team TG FF (H) Other 25/07/2015
Anundsjoe IF
Match league date
L1 - 2 vs Skellefteaa (A) Other 13/05/2015
W6 - 0 vs Valbo FF (H) Other 17/05/2015
L0 - 1 vs Soederhamn (A) Other 23/05/2015
W4 - 1 vs Bergnaesets AIK (H) Other 30/05/2015
D2 - 2 vs Team TG FF (A) Other 03/06/2015
D1 - 1 vs Sollefteaa GIF FF (H) Other 06/06/2015
W3 - 2 vs Selaanger FK (H) Other 13/06/2015
vs Gaellivare Malmbergets FF (A) Other 17/06/2015
vs Bodens BK (H) Other 27/06/2015
vs Haernoesands FF (A) Other 25/07/2015

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