Monday, June 15, 2015

Ivory Coast vs Norway

Getting involved with group B final round matches at the Women's World Cup because staying away would be something I would never forgive me. Here's the thing about this particular match. Ivory Coast were thrashed 10-0 by Germany in their opening round. Norway will beat them up pretty badly as well, especially knowing how good their counter attacking style is. These lesser African teams are not well organized and Norway will punish them.

Only thing to ponder here is to choose between overs and Norway handicap. I have picked over 5.5 goals instead of -5 on Norway which is almost the same. Figure that Norway might somehow conceded one goal and then it could be problematic to cover the handicaps. Overs should work, too because Norway have to score 6 more goals than Germany do in their final round game to top the group. So let's have some fun in this game!

date: 15-6-2015 21:00
Pick: Over 5.5 @ 1.90
Category: women Championship

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Ivory Coast
Match league date
L0 - 10 vs Germany (A) World Championship 1 (Women) 07/06/2015
L2 - 3 vs Thailand (H) World Championship 1 (Women) 12/06/2015
vs Norway (H) World Championship 1 (Women) 15/06/2015
Match league date
W6 - 0 vs Greece (H) World Championship 1 (Women) 14/06/2014
W2 - 0 vs Portugal (A) World Championship 1 (Women) 18/06/2014
W11 - 0 vs Albania (A) World Championship 1 (Women) 13/09/2014
L0 - 2 vs Netherlands (H) World Championship 1 (Women) 17/09/2014
L1 - 2 vs USA (H) Various/Mixed Matches 1 (Women) 04/03/2015
W4 - 0 vs Thailand (H) World Championship 1 (Women) 07/06/2015
D1 - 1 vs Germany (A) World Championship 1 (Women) 11/06/2015
vs Ivory Coast (A) World Championship 1 (Women) 15/06/2015
vs Kazakhstan (A) European Championships 1 (Women) 22/09/2015
vs Wales (H) European Championships 1 (Women) 23/10/2015

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