Thursday, June 11, 2015

Portugal U20 vs New Zealand U20

I'll finish my bets for U20 World Cup with the main favorite for the trophy Portugal. They are playing very well and attacking. Now they had luck to face the absolute outsider - the hosts from New Zealand and i'm sure for the confident win for Portugal.
I really have the fear of unfair results in favor of high odds or bookmakers but i'll like to bet for HT/FT because usually Portugal score in the first half and i strongly doubt that New Zealand will every manage to get a draw in the first half even if they park the bus.

Date: 11-6-2015 08:30
Pick: HF/FT 1/1 @ 1.65
Category: U 20 World Cup

Fixtures - All matches

Portugal U20
Match league date
W3 - 1 vs Chile U20 (H) Toulon Tournament 1 23/05/2014
W4 - 1 vs China U20 (A) Toulon Tournament 1 27/05/2014
L1 - 2 vs France U20 (A) Toulon Tournament 1 29/05/2014
W1 - 0 vs England U20 (H) Toulon Tournament 1 01/06/2014
W3 - 0 vs Senegal U20 (H) U-20 World Cup 31/05/2015
W4 - 0 vs Qatar U20 (A) U-20 World Cup 03/06/2015
W3 - 1 vs Colombia U20 (A) U-20 World Cup 06/06/2015
vs New Zealand U20 (H) U-20 World Cup 11/06/2015
New Zealand U20
Match league date
L0 - 1 vs Portugal U20 (A) U-20 World Cup 06/08/2011
L0 - 3 vs Uzbekistan U20 (H) U-20 World Cup 23/06/2013
L0 - 2 vs Uruguay U20 (H) U-20 World Cup 26/06/2013
L1 - 2 vs Croatia U20 (A) U-20 World Cup 29/06/2013
D0 - 0 vs Ukraine U20 (H) U-20 World Cup 30/05/2015
L0 - 4 vs USA U20 (H) U-20 World Cup 02/06/2015
W5 - 1 vs Myanmar U20 (A) U-20 World Cup 05/06/2015
vs Portugal U20 (A) U-20 World Cup 11/06/2015

Fixtures - Head to Head

Home score Away league date
W Portugal U20 1 - 0 L New Zealand U20 U-20 World Cup 06/08/2011


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