Saturday, June 13, 2015

Uruguay vs Jamaica

Obviously Uruguay is big favourite here, despite Jamaica 5-wins streak because they played with some really low class teams, f.e. Antigua & Barbuda and Haiti. Uruguay as we know is capable of achieveing great results even in cups like World Cup, and they will want to start the Copa America greatly there and boost up their confidence by winning high here.
When Jamaica is facing much better opponent than them, f.e. France 1 year ago they don't know what to do and that isn't suprising me, they lost 8-0 back then. I don't think that we will see that huge lose of Jamaica now, so instead of taking high handicaps i suggest taking Cavani as a goal-scorer. He is now the target of all Uruguay midfielders to send passes to him and let him score. If Suarez played here i wouldn't be so sure about this, but without him Cavani will get all chances and in my opinion he will score at least once and our bet is going to be won for good 1.91 odds

Date: 13-6-2015 20;00
Pick: Edisson cavanni to Score at anytime @ 1.91
category: Copa america

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vs Paraguay (H) Copa America 20/06/2015
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