Thursday, July 21, 2016

England U19 vs Italy U19 Betting tip

This will be a great Match with 2 Teams highly determined to Win in order to represent their country in the European U19 Finals against either Portugal or France.

Their clash will not be an easy Fixture for either Team, and just like any other Semi Final Fixture - It will be intense with Both Teams possessing great Hot Prospects. They will both approach this Fixture cautiously without taking any unnecessary risks... At least until a Goal is scored.

They will try to refrain from sending too many Players into the Attack in order to avoid any effective counter-attacks from being effectively executed.

That is why My Tip is for Under 2.5 Goals in Ordinary Time.

Date: 21-7-2016 11:00
Pick: Under 2.5 @ 1.90
Category: International - U 19 EURO

Fixtures - All matches

England U19
Match league date
D0 - 0 vs Italy U19 (H) U-19 13/10/2015
W2 - 1 vs Georgia U19 (H) U-19 24/03/2016
D1 - 1 vs Greece U19 (A) U-19 26/03/2016
W2 - 0 vs Spain U19 (H) U-19 29/03/2016
W2 - 1 vs France U19 (A) U-19 12/07/2016
W2 - 1 vs Netherlands U19 (A) U-19 15/07/2016
W2 - 1 vs Croatia U19 (H) U-19 18/07/2016
vs Italy U19 (H) U-19 21/07/2016
Italy U19
Match league date
D0 - 0 vs England U19 (A) U-19 13/10/2015
W4 - 0 vs Israel U19 (A) U-19 25/03/2016
W2 - 0 vs Switzerland U19 (A) U-19 27/03/2016
D2 - 2 vs Turkey U19 (H) U-19 30/03/2016
W1 - 0 vs Germany U19 (A) U-19 11/07/2016
D1 - 1 vs Austria U19 (H) U-19 14/07/2016
D1 - 1 vs Portugal U19 (H) U-19 17/07/2016
vs England U19 (A) U-19 21/07/2016

Fixtures - Head to Head

Home score Away league date
D England U19 0 - 0 D Italy U19 U-19 13/10/2015


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